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Because of the UK stable housing market, London has always been an attractive city for overseas buyers. However , finding 'Your Place in the City' can be an overwhelming and time-consuming experience, especially if you’re not familiar with the area or don’t know where to start to look. There are so many factors to consider, everything from setting a realistic budget and selecting the right location, to knowing which end of a street is most desirable and quite frankly if I may, not getting ‘ripped off’!


People would be surprised how many properties you have to see before you find ‘the one’ and that’s one area in which I can help you out.


There are many factors that affect house prices in London and price per square foot is an established pricing method but differs considerably from area to area. Within each borough, significant variations exist from street to street and even from one side of the street to the other. My understanding of these factors and knowledge of current market levels will give you a huge advantage when selecting a property in London.


At  My Place in the City  we will help you through the process from initial consultation right to through the collection keys.

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