My Place in the City works on behalf of you, the buyer and unlike Estate Agents has access to every property on the market rather than just the limited number of properties individual Estate Agents have been instructed to sell. Not only do we aim to take the stress out of buying a property, we strive to save you time up-front and money in the long run. We work for you.



  • Save time trawling properties that don’t meet your requirements.
  • Receive advice that’s relevant to your needs.
  • Eliminate time consuming phone calls with Estate Agents.
  • Get a head start, we’ll tell you about properties as soon as they become available, at times before they’ve been placed on the market.
  • We provide specialist knowledge gained from years of experience watching the property market in the West London area.
  • We’ll advise on property potential and ways to maximize the asset you’re about to invest in.
  • We are committed to the highest level of service and discretion.
  • Ultimately, we aim to make your property experience relaxing and enjoyable.


  • Face to face meetings to establish your requirements and update on progress.
  • Search and selection of suitable properties.
  • General advice on the ‘real value’ of a property rather than the Seller’s valuation.
  • Communication with Estate Agents.
  • Keeping track of the buying process.
  • Development / Interior Design / advice for your new home.
  • Opening doors to tradesmen who will do a great job at a reasonable price.